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Sunday, March 13, 2016
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This old skeleton of a home is really the diamond in the ghost town. It was one of those moments when driving called for a U-turn, my trigger finger longing to push the shutter. What is it that attracts me to the rundown, abandoned wasteland? I think it's the mystery of what came before. The texture and color of dilapidation. I see such beauty in the condemned property, still fenced in staking its claim on the land holding its old bones. These boarded up windows and doors offer an imagined protection from storms and intruders, Its been in a battle with the weather, and the wind has made way for nature's finest squatters to find an entrance and mediocre shelter at best. The wood planks hold the stories of the past, one day those memories will be lost as it loses its foothold on the ground. Perhaps an eccentric artist will pull apart the planks and repurpose them into a modern day masterpiece. But for me, I will always hold the stunning patina of this timeless beauty. That is the magic of a photograph. 

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