Happy Full Moon Birthday MOM!
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Friday, May 20, 2016
By Tresa Martindale Photography
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Today would have been your 68th birthday. You had such a short time here but somehow packed in more living than most people do in a full life span. The dance between life and death has heightened my awareness of your constant presence. My only task is to slow down and pay attention. When I do, you are everywhere. You are the whisper that surfs on the wind current, and the giddy magic when the moon is full. (which by the way is happening tonight/tomorrow, I will get that photo for sure!) When I'm at the beach, I always feel like you are sitting with me as the crashing sounds clear my mind of worry. You are the childlike wonder when I rake over the beach and discover the sand dollars as they move along the sand and the moments when the pods of dolphins are within arms reach. When I am in the mountains you are in the tabernacle of trees and the totem energy in the hawks, the baby fawns, and little streams. When I am in the desert you are the infinite landscape that never ends and the oasis that is my mirror. The cactus bloom that reminds me of the cycle between the worlds. One day I was standing in the middle of an ancient stone circle on the Orkney Islands. It was a place of ancestral gathering during the solstice. I could almost see you standing there with me as the puddles in my eyes spilled over and ran down my cheeks. Sometimes you are literally the voice that comes out of my mouth sharing wisdom with your children. I cherish those moments above all. You are my true North that takes me where I need to be or nudges me in a different direction.

I am so honored that you are my Mother. I make a conscious effort to UNFOLD. To tell better stories and leave your legacy better and more polished. I am full of gratitude for the rough edges and dark spaces, for the sad moments and anguish. All of these things bring me to a place of discovery and growth. Every time I sit in the dark, it's never alone. Somehow you are always that little flicker that promises growth from the inside out. Sometimes I wish I could call you on the phone, but I've learned how to find you in other ways. Happy Birthday today. Your impact has left a ripple without edges and generations to come that will hold you in the highest places!

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