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Thursday, April 06, 2017
By Tresa Martindale Photography
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Sometimes photography opens the door, leading you to the most stunning humans. I was introduced to 3 MAMA DRAGONS and their beautiful children. These Mama's breathe fire. They are Mama's of LGBQT children. They are a support group that embraces mothers who need a soft place to land. Society has been historically harsh on kids who have the courage to stand for their truth. Society also looks to the parents with the eye of judgment that adds to the confusion of how to show up for their loves. This group of women are a safe haven. Helping mothers who need a place to feel connected. They shine the light where there has been shadow. Some of the stories will bring you to your knees. They are a safe haven. They teach through support and story telling. They stand on the edge of fire and hold your hand so you can see the view, until you have the courage to take yourself to the edge. They are the alchemists that transform fear into love. It's my dream that we as a whole, can find the beauty in all humans. At our core, we all share the need to breathe, and long to love and be loved. Some of the strongest people I know have traversed the darkest moments, and then they rise. These are the people I want as my teachers.

If you are interested or feel like this group could support you, look them up on


They will be featured in Draper lifestyle magazine. Be on the lookout, you won't want to miss this feature! UNFOLD.....❤️

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