The Sea Wall
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Monday, April 20, 2015
By Tresa Martindale
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My wanderlust moments, cause me to trespass and climb over sea walls to
capture the magic on the other side. Sometimes I get stuck because
(climbing a sea wall is always easier going up and really scary coming down.)

 And sometimes when I am stuck on a Sea Wall, I realize how truly incredible the natural world is.

The sea wall... There is a lot of wild land and sea on the other side.

 It draws a line in the ocean, a dichotomy between the insidious rage and silent

calm. The witness of opposites. On the other side of the sea wall, waves hurl themselves against the masonry, shooting splash and spray. The taste of salt lands on my lips and I can't help but internalize the present moment that I shared with this
most auspicious structure!

30 seconds goes by so fast, what can you really do with such a span? When
your behind the lens, 30 seconds is long and slow. You can calm an angry
sea, light up the night sky, expose the milky-way and experience lifetimes of
magic in mere moments. On the other side of the sea wall, time stood still and
an hour of time got past me in increments of 30 seconds. It's amazing
how slow time flies when every second is accounted for. Behind my
lens allows me to live in the moment, and in each moment I am bursting with

On the other side of the sea wall, there is a swirl of sea spray and a
melting sun that only 30 seconds could transform into a delicate
pallet, calming the raging sea. The large post storm waves
crashed against the wall and arched over my head. Salt
drizzled and wind swept, I could not have been happier. A new
spot of grace that I will visit again and often.

(Perhaps in a rain coat and wellies.)


I can taste these colors, and hear the 30 seconds of exposure, melting this
scene into flowing misty cappuccino bliss. 


On the other side of the sea wall is a ubiquitous little beach that remains
wild. It requires minimal mountaineering skills if you want to
leave your footprints in its sand. Places like this are Holy. The sea symphony,
teases out any angst in your sweet soul. The salty spray and golden
horizon stir up the tear in your eye and spill together on the silken sands.
These sweet moments are my prayer, my meditation, the core of my
wanderlust. 30 seconds that sweep my worries. Grace.


The wild expanse of nature can not be boxed or contained. You
can't shave off its edges and stuff it into a small space.
Nature is the storm, the rage, the calm, the gift the beauty. It
spills over my old bones as a balm a medicine, a fingerprint
of God. This nature I see, unshackles my fears and
reminds me that sometimes it's on the very edge where the
view is best, in the margin where I can see!

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