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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
By Tresa Martindale Photography
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Like a swaddled new baby fresh out of the womb, we get comfortable in our life. We take up residency in the familiar and say no to our fears. Those monsters under the bed haunt our reality and keep us peering over the duvet with only our eyes visible. A quick flick of the wrist allows us back into the hug of our blanket where we lay safe until the sun rises.

Hello, my name is Trésa Martindale Pronounced (Tree-suh)
I am a professional photographer specializing in portraits, fashion, senior and lifestyle. I came to photography to document my life as a legacy for my children. As I came full circle, I realized that l could also leave a photographic legacy for others. I will also share the parts of my life that have nested into my soul and found home.

UNFOLD is a journey of discovery, saying yes to the impulses that make your heart burn like fire and your skin break a cold sweat. It is also greeting each day with the wonderment of the unknown. What will debut as an invitation for growth?

We say yes to please others and create a cascade of exhaustion racing to keep up with our intentioned commitments. We say no to our fears and reject opportunities because we may fail, or we need to loose 20 pounds or when we have more money, or when we find love.

UNFOLD, is my journey that says yes to fear, yes to the challenge, yes to that dream, yes to that scared little one that just wants to sink into the mattress under the duvet. To UNFOLD is to reframe the idea of saying no. Let's say no to the energy vampires and the mean people. No to the gossip and the shaming. No to the jealous who try to undermine us. The greatest growth comes when we dare to sit alone in the dark. When the breath falls on our lip and inhaling deep into the belly is the only action that keeps us from running like hell out the darkness about to swallow us whole. Our fear grows when we resist it. It fades when we fall head first into it and breathe. To become free is to UNFOLD....

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Camille - Absolulty stunning and captures everything visually, emotionally, and mentally. Thank you.